We thank you for the trust you show by referring your patients to us.

Since 1989 our clinic has provided, upon generalist or specialist practitioners’ referrals, consultation services in neurology and electromyography (EMG) exams. In 2017, the clinic was entirely renovated and we now use a state of the art Cadwell Sierra Summit equipment for our electromyography exams.

Our mandate is to establish a precise neurological diagnosis and to propose a treatment plan if needed.  We have all the tools required to fulfill our mandate and the necessary contacts with external resources to optimize our evaluations.

We are participants in the provincial government CRDS program. It remains of course possible for you to refer directly your patients to us for consultation and EMG and you can download a request form (EMG request.pdfto be completed and given to the patient who will then have to call us to book the appointment. For more urgent cases, please contact us directly (514-739-7740) to speed up the process.

Results of EMG exams will be faxed (or mailed) to you as soon as possible. A two weeks delay after the actual exam date is optimal to schedule your patient for a follow-up visit, if appropriate.

For patients referred for a neurology consultation you will receive a detailed report as well as a copy of the results of all subsequent tests and consultations obtained from other specialists, as they become available. We will direct the patient according to the results for neurological issues and the patient should see you for confirmation of other results, if needed.

We will be glad to discuss any issues arising before or after our assessment, please do not hesitate to contact us as needed.

We are privileged to serve physicians and patients entrusted to us for nearly 30 years. We fully support the principle of excellence in health care and rest assured that we will continue to work in this direction.