At the end of your visit, various tests or evaluations may be required:

Blood samples: may be done in public institutions at CLSCs or hospitals or in private labs such as: Biron or Dynacare (both available in our building).

General radiology tests: are covered with the Medicare (RAMQ) card and can be obtained onsite at Imagix Radiologie Laënnec or elsewhere if preferred.

Specialised radiology tests (such as scanner, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR or MRI) and ultrasound/doppler): are available onsite at Imagix Radiologie Laënnec but not covered with the Medicare (RAMQ) card, may sometimes be covered by CSST, RAAQ or private insurers or can be obtained at various hospitals covered with the Medicare (RAMQ) card, typically with longer waiting time. We will place the appropriate requisitions for those exams. Please note that we have no control over the waiting list or prioirty of cases at the hospitals. You will be advised in advance of your appointment at the hospital and if you cannot attend you will have to make another arrangement directly with the hospital.

Electrophysiological tests (such as EEG, evoked potentials, EMG): are available at our clinic and covered with the Medicare (RAMQ) card. You will be given your appointment at the end of your visit.

Referrals to other medical or surgical specialties: we will refer you to the appropriate resources but again we have no control over the waiting list.